Saturday, February 19, 2011

And the iPod connection completes it

An iPhone 3g plugged in to the line-in.
Finally, and for some people this is the most important feature, the iPod connection.   I wanted to preserve the iTunes functionality since it would be nice for guests to be able to come over and plug their own iPod right into the stereo and have it work.   The turntable was already plugged into the sole AV input in the Sonos Bridge, so I had to come up with a way to select between the the turntable and the iPod for the line-in connection.  

This was easily solved with an A/B audio in switch from Radio Shack and Apple’s Composite AV cable which can also re-charge an iPod while its playing.  
Apple Composite AV Cable
RadioShack Audio Video AB Switch

The system was so close to being controlled entirely from my iphone using the Sonos app, the A/B audio switch was really a drag.  Fortunately, my wife gave me the perfect Christmas gift and in the Sonos Wireless Dock, which charges and connects an iPod or an iPhone to the mesh network. 
Sonos Wireless Dock

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