Saturday, September 25, 2010

What could have been

Peachtree Audio Nova
During my research, I came across the Peachtree Audio Nova.   I immediately began lusting for it.  It looks beautiful – the perfect balance of retro but modern.  I really liked its minimal lines and the tube looked bad ass. 

What really got me was its full integration of the Sonos ZonePlayer 120 – which I had decided to build my system around.   The Sonos player slides into a little bay in the back.

Peachtree Audio Nova with a Sonos ZonePlayer 120

The reviews for it were amazing, it elevates digital music to whole new level – fit for a true audiophile.

Sadly, that's not me.  In the end, I didn’t need it.    I'd make do with the Sonos alone.

Also, it  would only just barely fit in the cabinet, and that would be only after I did some major rearranging of the inner compartment using actual power tools.

No Peachtree Audio Nova for the Zenith9000.

Saved: $1,200

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