Saturday, September 25, 2010

A little more background on the original stereo from the VP's

Editor's note:  Ken & Sue VanderPloeg (my in-laws) originally owned the Zenith integrated stereo. What follows is their account. 

We purchased the stereo in 1964 (fall) or early 1965 in Columbus, Ohio.

It was stored in Eva VanderPloeg(Ken's mother)'s house during our army years - October 1966 - October 1968.

We moved it 6 times with us in the next 20 years.  Grand Rapids, MI to Wheeling, IL to Aurora, IL to Downers Grove, IL to Philadelphia, PA, to Woodridge, IL and back to Downers Grove, IL.

View Zenith9000 in a larger map

In 1981 it moved to the basement for storage because we bought a "modern" unit and shelves.

When the basement was finished in 1985 it was put in a prominent spot but not played much because it had to compete with a juke box.  It mostly held seasonal decorations.

In 2000 when we moved from the house in DG to a townhouse in Woodridge there wasn't room for it so it went to our shop for storage - again.  Ken used it as a credenza.  Our friend and tenant, John Brockway wanted it but he died before he could claim it.

In 2006 when we moved into half of the store space there wasn't room for it and Sue wanted to toss it in the dumpster.  It was too heavy for her to lift and Ken wouldn't help.  He wanted it.  So, it was turned on its side and lived under a work table for two years.

After we sold the business in 2007 it moved again to our basement in Woodridge until rescued by Jason in 2008.

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