Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Budget: $2500 (or under)

If there were no money restrictions, I think this project would be much easier, but I suppose that's true of many things.   I could buy a system designed to power an integrated house and just cram it in there somehow.   Or buy some nano thing from Japan.  Or just pay someone to figure it out for me.  But that’s not the situation. 
My budget was set by selling my 1980 BMW R100 motorcycle which I acquired by trading for my  1981 Vespa P200x (that was a sweet trade).   

Whatever the bike would fetch would be the working budget for the stereo project.   Michele was hoping the whole thing would be less than the bike since I had promised her whatever was left over.

After a few weeks on consignment with the good people at Ace Motorcycle in Chicago, I got $2500 for it.  They were pretty disappointed, but I think I only paid $1750 for the Vespa way back in the day, so I was happy.

1979 Vespa

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